Can You Get An Erection Without Testes?

Can You Get An Erection Without Testes?

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Some men have severe problems whose management requires removal of one or both testicles. But, can you get an erection without testes? If you, or someone you know, need to undergo a procedure of removing testicles, you’re probably wondering if erection is still possible. You’ll get the answers in this post.


Orchiectomy Overview

Orchiectomy is a procedure of removing one or both testicles. The procedure is last resort, i.e., the solution that doctors recommend only when other treatment options fail.

Men need orchiectomy in various cases, including:

  • Prostate cancer
  • Testicular cancer
  • Testicular torsion
  • Severe testicular injury

The main goal of the procedure is to decrease (or stop entirely) the body’s production of the hormone testosterone. For example, prostate cancer needs testosterone that keeps growing and spreading. When testosterone production decreases or stops, the cancer growth slows down (1).

Again, keep in mind that the removal of testicles is the last thing your doctor would recommend, and they will only suggest it if other treatment methods fail. Of course, it’s impossible not to think about; can you get an erection without testes.

Can You Get An Erection without Testes?

To understand the can penis get hard without testicles subject, we need to take a few moments to address the importance of testosterone. This male hormone plays an essential role in erectile function (2) and the sexual and reproductive health of every guy.

Therefore, when production and concentration of testosterone are in decline, it’s obvious some changes will occur.

Generally speaking, removing one testicle can change hormone levels (3), but the body still continues to produce enough testosterone to make up for the missing one. Therefore, a man with one testicle can still have hard and firm erections. He can also have children.

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But what about the removal of both testicles?

Can you get an erection without testes?

Upon the removal of both testicles, the body is unable to produce testosterone on its own. As a result, a man experiences reduction in his sex drive and impaired erectile function. Also, men who had both testicles removed become infertile and are unable to father children. Of course, nowadays, there are ways to preserve sperm before the removal of testicles.

Glimpse of Hope

But, is there a way to get an erection without testicles?

Many men receive testosterone replacement therapy (4) after bilateral orchiectomy (removal of both testicles). The testosterone replacement therapy delivers this hormone to the body through an injection or in a transdermal form.

Without testosterone therapy, men without testicles can’t achieve erection on their own. That being said, the effectiveness of hormone therapy in erectile function after testicle removal deserves more attention. At this point, evidence on this subject is scarce.

If you need to undergo this procedure and wonder, can you get an erection without testes, you should consult your doctor. The healthcare provider will inform you about the possibility of having an erection with hormone therapy based on your health status, lifestyle, hormone balance, and the underlying disease that led to the removal of the testicles.

Can Pills Improve Erectile Function?

Millions of men use pills to improve erectile function and get their penis strong and hard. These pills work to inhibit the PDE5 enzyme is the reason behind weak erections (5). This enzyme doesn’t allow nitric oxide to dilate blood vessels to allow blood to reach the penis and fill in chambers for a stronger boner. By inhibiting PDE5, the erection pills will enable you to have a strong and hard penis for mind-blowing sex.

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Since these pills can help men who have severe erectile problems, can they help you get an erection without testicles? There is a chance! You see, these pills have improved erectile function in rats after orchiectomy (6). They work to deliver more blood into the genital area, so the absence of testes doesn’t stop that.

But, You Need to Remember…

When talking about the role of erection pills such as Viagra in the erectile function, it’s crucial to bear in mind they only work when there is sexual stimulation. In other words, these pills only work when you are sexually stimulated and aroused (7). They do not create arousal for you.

The issue here is that lack of testosterone also lowers sexual desire. Hormone replacement therapy could help. Consult your doctor about the therapy and the use of erectile pills.

If you had both testicles removed and are taking hormone therapy, you shouldn’t use erectile pills without discussing it with the doctor. This is particularly important if you consider using dietary supplements that are poorly regulated.