Sex Positions for Erectile Dysfunction

Sex Positions for Erectile Dysfunction

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Advancements in medicine made it possible for men experiencing erectile dysfunction to have satisfactory intercourse with their partners. Although ED can become a significant problem in men, research finds certain sex positions for erectile dysfunction. With this, treatments for the condition are not limited to supplements or medication.

Erectile dysfunction, defined as the condition where men are incapable of producing a proper erection, has been a common problem among men even in the earlier years. Different methods have been used to find the most effective ways to treat ED. It includes determining sex positions that can produce satisfaction even for impotent individuals and their partners.


How Erectile Dysfunction Affects Mental Health in Men

Erectile dysfunction is said to be a physical condition. However, there are claims that the problem persists because of the contribution from psychological factors. There are treatments available for the said condition, but these are not capable of handling the mental dilemmas in the patients.

The common mental issues from experiencing erectile dysfunction are anxiety, depression, indifference, and lower self-esteem. It usually stems from the thought of not performing well during sexual activities and the fear of judgment from those around them. As a result, individuals with erectile dysfunction end up worrying about their condition much more than they should.

A study shows that erectile dysfunction can be associated with the deterioration of an individual’s mental health. Because their satisfaction from their sex life decreases, they tend to feel more negative emotions regarding their sexual health.

The study suggests that mental health can be preserved and improved if erectile dysfunction patients are given treatments and methods that help them feel satisfied with sexual activities again.

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Is There a Cure to Erectile Dysfunction?

There are some cases where erectile dysfunction is curable, mainly when the cause of the condition is an outside factor rather than the body itself. An example is a stress from work, complications in a relationship, and other similar issues. In this case, the condition can be cured as long as the outside element that is causing it is controlled or fixed.

However, some erectile dysfunction cases cannot be cured for good. It is usually when the cause of erectile dysfunction is solely physical. When it’s like this, the condition can only be treated. Fortunately, there are various ways to approaches that are proven to be effective.

The most common is the use of erectile dysfunction medication and supplements, such as Viagra. Previous research shows that some cultures use medicinal plants to treat the said condition. Some of the common plants used as treatment are also present in supplements consumed today.

Physical therapy is another way to approach erectile dysfunction. Some studies tested the effectiveness of physiotherapy and pelvic exercises in improving the condition. The results show that it was an efficient treatment for the participants of the study.

How Adjusting Sex Positions Affect Erectile Dysfunction

An individual doesn’t always have to be fully erect to have fun in bed. Having unsatisfactory intercourse can significantly damage the impotent individual’s self-esteem and potentially cause them to become more anxious when participating in sexual activities. One way to overcome it is by finding sex positions that can bring further satisfaction for both parties.

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By adjusting, the ED patient and their partner can cooperate to determine methods in making the position effective. For intercourse to be satisfactory, individuals with erectile dysfunction should trust that their partner will help them.

Identifying sex positions that work well for ED individuals reduces the chance of further problems, especially anxiety and other psychological aspects.

Best Sex Positions for Erectile Dysfunction

Listed are five recommended sex positions for satisfactory erectile dysfunction:

Reverse Cowgirl

In this position, the partner sits facing the same direction as the individual with erectile dysfunction. For cases where the erection is not complete or is soft, this position allows both parties to receive satisfaction from the downward angle. The partner can also help in sustaining the position by holding onto the shaft or squeezing the base.

Morning Spoon

Although spooning won’t provide the deepest penetration, it’s preferable for a somewhat softer erection. In this position, both individuals will comfortably move their bodies to find the best angle.

Doggy Style

This position is often preferred for deep penetrations. The impotent individual will have complete control of their penis, which is good for them in this case. The ED patient may not be able to fulfill deep penetration. However, they can regain stimulation by squeezing the base throughout the activity.


One of the most advantageous positions for erectile dysfunction is the missionary, wherein the ED patient can use a 90-degree angle. Most people don’t prefer this, but with a less aggressive erection, the results can be more satisfactory and milder.

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Observations made on the preference of individuals experiencing erectile dysfunction show that they tend to favor relaxed positions. The reason is that it maintains blood flow to the genitals. This position doesn’t require too much movement for both parties to receive expected satisfaction and keeps them relaxed throughout the intercourse.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

There are several ways to treat erectile dysfunction in men, from oral to physical methods. The most common, which has been proven to be consistently effective, is the use of oral medications and supplements.

The popular options for this are sildenafil and tadalafil, but these also include vardenafil and avanafil. Other variants and alternatives are also available, usually containing the same active ingredient or other natural options.