BlueChew Review

BlueChew Review

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BlueChew is a service offering a revolutionary and chewable form of oral medication to treat people diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Containing Sildenafil or Tadalafil, BlueChew aims to put the appropriate treatment in an accessible and discreet form.

Let’s see the basics of the product in this concise BlueChew review.


What Is BlueChew?

BlueChew is a telehealth service that provides prescription tablets used to treat erectile dysfunction among men. It contains either Sildenafil or Tadalafil, depending on the prescription. These are effective chemical components that help men get erections in response to sexual stimuli. Before we dive into this BlueChew review, let’s first discuss the treated condition to understand this medication’s underlying causes.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

According to the Mayo Clinic, erectile dysfunction or ED is the “inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex.” Its symptoms include trouble keeping or getting an erection and reduced sexual desire. According to medical experts, it isn’t a necessary cause of concern, but it can affect a man’s self-esteem and psychological behavior in the long run.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by many factors, namely heart problems, hypertension, unhealthy lifestyle, hormonal issues, and certain sicknesses such as Parkinson’s disease.

It is worth noting that Erectile Dysfunction can lead to worse psychological issues, such as depression, anxiety, and stress.

It can also lead to a relationship fallout. We are familiar with the phrase “no man is an island.” If a man has ED, there can be increased fights and unhealthy tension in a sexually-active environment that can ruin the relationship itself. This, coupled with increased levels of depression, anxiety, and stress, can further decrease a man’s self-esteem as a whole.

As we can see, this medical condition can ruin a man’s life in general.

There’s good news, though. There are several effective treatments in place for this type of medical condition which can help you recover your former glorious self.

For one, it is advised that you make healthy lifestyle choices. Eat a balanced diet. Stop smoking and avoid alcohol overall. Monitor your blood sugar. Do an overall physical check-up with your doctor to check if you have any chronic illnesses. Reduce the things around you that cause stress. Exercise at least once a day. All these are standard advice that everyone needs to maintain their bodies in tip-top shape.

Secondly, talk with your psychological counselor. Let other people help you. Chat with your support groups. It is essential that you don’t feel alone in this problem; that you feel others accept you for who you are. If you feel depressed, anxious, or stressed, finding the right counselor is next to most important.

However, both treatments talked about above may not cut it. We live in a modern age where medicine has become very effective compared to the past years. Your doctor will most likely prescribe oral medication for you that will help kick start the erection problem you’re having right now.

These oral medications that I’m talking about are Sildenafil (commonly known as Viagraᵀᴹ) and Tadalafil (commonly known as Adcirca or Cialisᵀᴹ).

As we can see, they’re commonly known medication amongst men, with some teasing here and there. However, do not worry. We are here to give you facts about these drugs and what they do to our bodies so that you can counter their teasing.

What Are Sildenafil and Tadalafil?

Sildenafil and tadalafil both work by enhancing the effects of nitric oxide. It’s the natural compound found in our body that is responsible for muscular control inside our penis. Improving nitric oxide’s effects can increase blood flow and help our penises get erect during sexual stimulation.

Sildenafil, as previously mentioned, is commonly known as Viagraᵀᴹ, and tadalafil is widely known as Cialisᵀᴹ. Both are commonly found in every pharmacy across the country (except if the pharmacy is in a remote area, but even that has a high chance of having these medications).

However, do not confuse sildenafil and tadalafil as sexual stimulants. They don’t increase arousal or stimulate you in any additional way. They just amplify the signal to our brain so that our penises can react accordingly to sexual stimuli.

What are their differences? In the easiest possible way to describe their differences to you, sildenafil is more of a short-term solution, while tadalafil is a long-term solution. You see, sildenafil is used when there’s a need to have sex in that particular moment, whereas tadalafil lasts longer and is often for men who want to eliminate the “planning stage” for having sex.

I’m sure that the doctor will tell you this, but here are the drugs’ side effects not to scare you, but to educate you. After all, this review is here to cater to your well-being as a man.

According to MedlinePlus, the side effect of sildenafil is many common issues such as headaches, heartburn, flushing, muscle aches, and such. However, there are more high-risk side effects such as ringing of ears, sudden decrease of vision or hearing, sensitivity to light, chest pains, and even an erection that lasts longer than it’s supposed to be. If any of the side effects are severe or won’t go away, tell your doctor immediately.

Meanwhile, according to WebMD, the side effects for tadalafil are almost the same as sildenafil, except there’s an added case of fainting, jaw pain, and left arm pain. It also includes an allergic reaction.

Again, if any of these side effects are severe and won’t go away, consult your doctor immediately.

I put up all these side effects here just to give you a reference. Do not worry, though. We are confident that BlueChew’s doctors trained from various medical colleges throughout the United States of America can give you accurate prescriptions according to what you need. We’ll discuss with you how that works later.

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Moving on, we now have a general idea of what Erectile Dysfunction is and what are its corresponding treatments. This brings us to the next question. What does BlueChew have to offer us that is different from other common circulating ED medications?

Let us find out in this fully detailed and concise BlueChew review.

The Real BlueChew Review: What’s the Difference?

As a person with common sense, you’ll ponder the difference between BlueChew from other types of oral ED medication around. As stated in the first paragraph of this BlueChew review, Bluechew offers tablets containing either Sildenafil or Tadalafil, like Viagraᵀᴹ and Cialisᵀᴹ. However, in reality, that’s where the similarities stop.

BlueChew’s goal is to revolutionize men’s sexual healthcare through online means. How? BlueChew eliminates the need for an in-person doctor visit to receive your medication. You’ll just fill out a form that one of Bluechew’s affiliate doctors will assess. Then, you’ll be prescribed accordingly through your e-mail. You can then expect the medication to be mailed right to your doorstep.

This efficient system of discretion and accessibility is what sets BlueChew apart from traditional methodologies. It doesn’t violate your privacy, eliminates your shyness, and you can avoid negative influences in your life.

Before we go into the details on how the whole system works, let’s first assess the product details of our BlueChew Sildenafil and Tadalafil chewable tablets.

BlueChew’s Chewables

The first thing you’ll notice is that unlike traditional oral medication, BlueChew offers chewable tablets. You don’t need a glass of water and whatnot. You just pop one in, chew, and swallow. It’s super discreet and won’t cause a scene.

How to BlueChew?

This is straightforward enough. It’s called BlueChew because the tablets offered on the platform are blue and chewable. You just open the packet, get the blue chewable tablet out, and then pop it into your mouth.

It’s very discrete, and it gives you more time. You don’t need to get a glass of water to take a dose. Just pop it and chew it.

Personally, it’s what I really like about BlueChew. It’s easy to take, and it tastes good. Want to know how it tastes like? I can’t honestly describe it, but it’s good. Why not try it yourself!

More Information About BlueChew

This section will basically give you an oversight of what BlueChew is. What is it? Where is it from? Why is it here?

Well, for one, BlueChew is a service for the United States of America only. It only uses FDA-approved active ingredients that are used for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction.

It is available throughout the continental United States except for North Dakota and South Carolina. Sadly, U.S. International Territories such as Puerto Rico and Guam are also not included in the availability coverage.

BlueChew is for males over 18 years of age, diagnosed with ED, and who want to have a harder erection.

Once you avail of a BlueChew plan online (which we’ll be talking about in a bit), we’ll get you in touch with one of the affiliated doctors for assessment and necessary prescription to deliver the medication right to your doorsteps.

BlueChew was created last 2014 when entrepreneurs who care about men’s sexual health thought on how to give men access to convenient, affordable, chewable tablets. The BlueChew team focuses on quality patient care, ensuring that there’s always 24/7 professional support readily available online.

The Fastest Solution for ED

BlueChew offers one of them, if not, the best medication for ED. Their solutions work fast, and it’s very effective. It has been noted that BlueChew works as fast as 30 minutes. That’s how effective it is.

Who Is BlueChew for?

It’s virtually for everyone above 18 years old! BlueChew defines true accessibility. This is why it’s a must-try. Many people, including my friends and me, love the product. Of course, this is all prescribed by doctors: no illegitimate hocus-pocus and such. BlueChew helped innovate my life discretely and respectfully. If you ask me, it’s the real future of manhood.

It’s for men who are in their senior years, men of different genders, young adults, middle-aged men, and any man you can think of. Whoever you are, BlueChew is for you, and I guarantee it’ll work efficiently as it’s supposed to be.

Just a quick side note (with a dash of common sense): BlueChew is not for women and children.

Does BlueChew Work for Everyone?

As far as I know, I haven’t heard BlueChew being ineffective for anyone. You might say I’m biased, but I see a lot of people who use it.

Maybe you’ll see other people stating that it was ineffective, but it boils down to the dosage. Bluechew’s affiliate doctors will give you tips on how to go along with it, so don’t worry. After all, BlueChew’s mission is to provide you with the best experience in men’s sexual wellness.

Other Disclaimers for BlueChew

It may be obvious to you that BlueChew works wonders, but it has precautions of its own.

For one, Sildenafil and Tadalafil chewable tablets do not protect against sexually-transmitted diseases. However, this does not mean that you got a sexually-transmitted disease when you get the side effects listed earlier. Please refer to the list above for the side effects of the ingredients mentioned.

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Don’t use BlueChew if you’re allergic to either Sildenafil or Tadalafil.

Again, if your side effects are worse or more prolonged than expected, contact a doctor immediately.

How can you access BlueChew?

To get a hold of these tablets, you must apply for a plan. In this BlueChew review, we’ll look into the step-by-step process of how to get quality blue chewable tablets:

Go to BlueChew’s Website and Click Get Started

Visit BlueChew at This is the main website. If you want to learn more about BlueChew other than this review, this site also shows you what you need to know about the product.

Look to the upper right portion of the website, and there will be a button that says Get Started in a blue box. Click on that, and it will direct you to a page with the plans.

Choose Your Plan

These are the plans that I’ve been talking about earlier in this article. It will let you choose between Sildenafil and Tadalafil.

As mentioned earlier, sildenafil works in a shorter term. Its duration is between four to six (4-6) hours, while tadalafil works for at least 24 to 36 hours. It’s up to you to choose what you want.

My advice is that if you want a short boost of erection, go for sildenafil. If you think you’ll need for the long run or don’t know exactly when the intercourse will happen, use tadalafil. It’s all in our planning and choices.

Once you pick what you think is best for you, you’ll see that there are Active, Busy, Popular, and Pro plans. You can also switch between 30 mg or 45 mg for sildenafil and 6 mg or 9 mg for tadalafil.

Here is a more detailed description of the plans:

Sildenafil (30 mg)

  • Active (6 pieces) – $20
  • Busy   (10 pieces) – $30
  • Popular (17 pieces) – $50
  • Pro (34 pieces) – $90

Sildenafil (45 mg)

  • Active (6 pieces) – $30
  • Busy (10 pieces) – $40
  • Popular (17 pieces) – $65
  • Pro (34 pieces) – $120

Tadalafil (6 mg)

  • Active (6 pieces) – $20
  • Busy (10 pieces) – $30
  • Popular (17 pieces) – $50
  • Pro (34 pieces) – $90

Tadalafil (9 mg)

  • Active (6 pieces) – $30
  • Busy (10 pieces) – $40
  • Popular (17 pieces) – $65
  • Pro (34 pieces) – $120

A rule of thumb here is that the lower the dosage, the shorter the duration will be. Think carefully and choose what you want. Also, if you’re a bulky man, I might suggest going for a higher dosage since you’ll also need to compensate for your body size, but that’s just my thoughts. Always follow the doctor’s prescription assigned to you in the next parts of this process.

The best part here is that you get to choose plans which only range from $20 to $120 per month. I love the price range since it also respects your budget constraints.

Fill Up Needed Information

After all the decision-making we did, we head on to the filling of information. Now, this is where the doctors will assess if you picked the right medication. They will e-mail you promptly if they think otherwise. There will be a free digital consultation with BlueChew physicians. They will help you choose accordingly and give you some sound medical advice as well.

It’s basically the future of medical consultations. You don’t need to see a doctor physically. It will save you the embarrassment, just like mine. I think it’s very nice that they respect a lot of aspects of yourself. They’ll even give you good advice about what you’re going through.

Basically, what we’re going to give you is a prescription so that you can avail yourself of the BlueChew tablets.

Don’t worry. Throughout the whole process, BlueChew will guide you through the data-filling part. Just make sure you put in honest details to make sure there are no mistakes on both sides of the playing field.

Pay Online and Receive Meds in your Mail

Lastly, just pay through online means, and you’ll receive your selected medication in the mail. It’s that simple.

You’ll see that everything about your manhood is respected in the process. In light of the psychological impact of Erectile Dysfunction on men, BlueChew gives you a chance to be yourself once more and save everything that you love.

Free Online Medical Consultations Included!

BlueChew has several affiliate physicians and doctors from different states ready to assist you when you take on one of our plans.

These are trained physicians and doctors from Illinois, California, Maryland, and Ohio, who are certified and able to assist you with your medical queries through e-mail and online.

The best thing about this is that it’s totally free!

Discreet Shipping

This is one of the essential parts. BlueChew will just send you a parcel or a package through the mail. People won’t know it comes from BlueChew. This saves you from going to your local pharmacy store to buy some medication for ED

What I liked about BlueChew is the way they handle privacy. It’s very comforting for people, and it doesn’t hurt their pride. Cool, right?

Oh, also, shipping costs $5. It may vary from state to state. So you’ll pay for the tablets itself plus the shipping fee. It still gives the best bang for your buck if you ask me.

Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s probably one of the best deals of BlueChew. If the service that BlueChew provided you were not satisfactory, they would offer you a full refund (minus the shipping) if requested within 30 days from the purchase date.

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Of course, do not abuse this, please. We’re all men helping other men as well. Let’s help together and create an honest environment where sexual health and wellness matters.

Is This a Real Solution?

At this point, you may still have doubts.

This is precisely why I wrote this BlueChew review. I want you to know of its potential as a life changer.

Let me start with the idea that self-esteem is essential. Men, especially us, are heavily influenced by social stereotypes, specifically that men are tough and emotionless.

We all know that men are not like that. Men, just like women, have emotions. After all, we’re still human beings. It’s just we’re socially expected to be better at hiding it.

This is basically the driving force behind why we’re embarrassed when it comes to the topic of Erectile Dysfunction. It’s sensitive for us, and it is somehow a measure of our manhood.

After all, we can’t make our partners extra happy without the proper tools to make them happy.

I implore everyone reading this BlueChew review to take that leap of faith. I also took that leap of faith, and it gave me peace of mind. You see, I’m anxious, and I can’t take too much of the stress; otherwise, I explode.

I’ll discuss more of that in the next section, but what’s important is that I tried. I was embarrassed about buying Viagra from our local pharmacy store because the pharmacist happened to be someone I know.

I’m just glad I got to know BlueChew and have parts of my self-esteem back. It isn’t entirely back, but we’re getting there, and the progress is the best part of this journey for me.

It saves my Relationships (and Eventually, myself)

Relationships are probably the best thing to happen to men. There’s a saying that no man is an island. I find that this is true. If we have this medical condition, we tend to distance ourselves from other people. It causes self-esteem issues and such. In this BlueChew review, we’ll tackle how this gave me the confidence I needed.

What does that have to do with my story? I fought with my fiancé (then girlfriend) two years ago, and it was actually because my penis wasn’t going erect. She thought I wasn’t aroused by her when in reality, I’m really aroused with her.

I know, what a shallow reason to fight, right?


Since then, my self-esteem went spiraling down as she unconsciously teased me because of that. I just shrugged it off since I thought, “Hey, she’s a woman, she won’t understand what men go through,” but I realized that is a toxic mentality, so what I did was I looked for solutions.

I bumped upon BlueChew just half a year ago, and my life has never been the same. It’s just like what I was before. We had more fun in bed, and it gave me confidence.

Eventually, she noticed and asked me about it. I told her about BlueChew, and she loved the concept of this medication.

If I bumped into BlueChew earlier, it would have saved me many self-esteem issues early on.

Also, I’m just 25 years old, so that tells you that age doesn’t matter if you’re taking ED medication or not. What’s important is your mental and physical health. As men, we often take those aspects for granted, but sometimes we have to take necessary actions to come up on top again.

Your Privacy Matters

The company adheres to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA. According to the Legal Dictionary, it is a law that “protects the medical information of U.S. Citizens.”

This means that the personal and medical information that you give out to BlueChew is kept private and secure at all times.

In short, does BlueChew keep my medical information private? Yes.

Does BlueChew’s delivery process respect my privacy? Another resounding, yes.

Can I Cancel my Subscription Anytime?

Certainly! BlueChew respects everything that you stand for. You can cancel your subscription plans anywhere and anytime you like.

Of course, BlueChew will ask you why, but it’s for your good.

A feedback here and there is appreciated.

Free Trial Code, Exclusive for You Readers!

Right now, there is a trial code going on! It gives you $20 off on any plan, giving you virtually a free sample for one month if you take the active plan!

This code is exclusive to the readers of this article. If you made it this far down, you truly deserve this code to get a discount or free one-month sample!

To claim the code, simply go to BlueChew and enter the code.

After that, go about the same process described to get $20 off your plan (or if you’re new, a free month worth $20).

Final Thoughts on BlueChew

BlueChew is basically the best innovation when it comes to oral ED medication. Its accessibility to the public is excellent because it’s online-based. You gain free consultation from BlueChew’s line of medical professionals in the field of men’s sexual health.

Privacy is their key. It keeps the men safe from self-esteem issues. BlueChew basically revolutionized the game of oral ED medication. Being online and offering a chewable tablet is synonymous with chicken and spaghetti – you don’t think it’s good together, but it works wonders. This is why BlueChew is sometimes dubbed as the future of manhood.

I wrote this BlueChew review to inspire others like myself to take the step into total self-confidence. Men also need to be strengthened from time to time. We want to help you achieve the peak performance of yourself.

I close this review with three words: Know your worth.