Review: Generic Viagra and Cialis Prescriptions in Canada Review: Generic Viagra and Cialis Prescriptions in Canada

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) is on the rise in Canada; nevertheless, most men are hesitant to seek medical help. Could, online consultation, and prescription service help? What benefits does it offer over traditional clinics?

There are numerous reasons for the rise of ED. Higher stress levels, increased lifespan, higher prevalence of metabolic disorders, and much more. Almost one-third of adults are living with unsatisfactory erection quality (1).

Prevalence of ED is exceptionally high among men older than 40 years of age. Epidemiological studies in Canada show that half of all men coming to primary care clinics have dissatisfactory sexual life due to ED (2).

Fortunately, ED is well-managed these days. Medications cannot completely cure it, but pills can provide relief and help get a hard erection. These medications can considerably improve sexual life and are well-known to medical specialists and patients.

However, studies show that many people cannot get these pills despite the medications’ widespread availability. There are two well-known barriers to the right treatment. First is the cost of ED drugs, as health insurance does not cover the treatment. And second is the embarrassment, as many men do not feel comfortable to confess and discuss their problem in traditional clinics (3). can help overcome these barriers to medical care. It can offer consultation discreetly, provide a prescription for branded and generic Viagra and Cialis online in Canada. And, one can get the ED drugs delivered to their doorstep. This service ensures that ED treatment is readily accessible to all men residing in Canada.

Contents Overview sounds too good to be true. It has numerous benefits over traditional clinics. Nonetheless, every system has certain downsides, also.


  • Excellent availability, with no waiting times.
  • Fast consultation and no need to travel anywhere. One may even get a consultation and prescription without getting out of bed; everything is done online.
  • Low-cost of consultation means huge savings for people living with ED.
  • Absolute discreetness as the platform understands the importance of privacy.
  • Consultants specialize in ED related issues.
  • You can have the first consultation for free by using the promo code RISEAGAIN (Click Here to Activate).


  • Only available in Alberta, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and BC.
  • Consultation not covered by health insurance.
  • Does not provide consultation or treatment for other health conditions often associated with ED.
  • Some individuals might not find online consultation as satisfactory as an in-person meeting with a prescriber.

The Takeaway might not be perfect, but it does what it promises efficiently. It can help overcome some of the significant hurdles faced by those living with ED. One can get a consultation, prescription, followed by doorstep delivery of ED drugs. It requires a minimum investment of time, no compromises on the privacy of the individual. Since the experienced prescribers help make treatment choices, one is more likely to get the right treatment and high-quality Viagra and Cialis pills.

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How Does This Telehealth Service Work?

It’s pretty simple and has just a few steps involved. You start with registration on the platform. Once registered, the consultation process begins.

It all starts with a set of questions. There are simple, multiple-choice questions. There will be many questions to understand the severity of the condition fully, so one will need about five minutes to answer all of them. It is to ensure that one gets the right treatment. Based on the answers provided to the questions, the platform decides if the practitioner must review the inputs.

The good thing about this platform is that it also asks for a person’s experience with medications used to treat ED. Further, the system also provides a choice of treatment. Like, sildenafil, which is suitable for those who have sex a few times a month. On the other hand, tadalafil is fit for daily use. Thus, it is a better option for those with regular indulgence in sex. also understands that ED is secondary to some illness or certain medications in many cases, especially in older adults. Before providing a prescription, the platform considers these issues. After all, safety comes first.

Although is not a seller of ED medications and just a consultation or prescription provider, it helps get medicines to the doorstep. Thus, there won’t be any need to order medicines from other websites. Since highly qualified specialists run this platform, they only recommend medications that are approved by Health Canada.

This website also offers automatic monthly refilling and rebilling so that the users don’t have to go through the hassle each time.

ED Treatments Prices is about trust and quality; it only recommends medications that are safe and effective. Since it also involves a possibility to consult a specialist, it is among the moderately priced options. It is not the cheapest, but much economical compared to going to a nearby clinic and pharmacy.

Those who choose to go for four tablets of sildenafil (i.e., generic Viagra)( a month (one sexual act a week) will cost less than $55. Whereas, 8 sildenafil (i.e., generic Cialis) tablet option will cost approx.—$ 97. And 12 tablets option for approx. $140. The final cost will depend on how frequently one plans to have sex. For those planning to have sex multiple times a week, tadalafil will be a better option, but it will also cost more.

How Do I Order Branded and Generic Viagra and Cials Online in Canada?

It is pretty simple. It starts with creating an account. All that is needed to create one is to provide the full name, contact number, and postal code. The website might ask to provide govt. ID to ensure that it is a real person and not a bot or some spammer, and make sure you are 18 years old or more.

The registration process won’t take longer than a few minutes. Once registered, one needs to answer multiple questions required for precise diagnosis and understanding of the individuals’ health condition.

After providing all the information about health issues like the severity of ED, associated health conditions, allergies, and so on, the platform offers various therapeutic options. The website automatically chooses the best options for any given individual.

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This whole process is relatively straightforward, and the platform asks for only relevant information. Once the person has chosen the medication that he thinks will work best for him, one may also select monthly auto refills.


Q. Does use Canadian medical consultants?

A. Yes, only Canadian-licensed consultants provide consultations on the platform. Thus, making all the prescription legally valid. As per Canadian law, one cannot buy medications in Canada by using a prescription from a medical consultant not licensed in Canada.

Q. Does provide medical help for other health conditions?

A. primarily focuses on providing relief from ED and helping improve the sexual life of men. During the consultation process, it does ask about other health issues like cardiovascular health, allergies, and so on. However, does not provide treatment for any other condition. Information regarding other ailments is only collected to ensure that the right kind of medications is selected. However, plans to start providing help for diseases like premature ejaculation, hair loss, genital herpes, and cold sores shortly.

Q. Does sell Viagra, Cialis, or other ED pills?

A. Yes. does sell Viagra and Cialis (the original version) if you want it, but it’s much more expensive than the generic version.

Q. Is legit?

A. Yes. is legit. That is why it only provides a prescription for ED and related issues. It does not offer a cure or treatment for any severe disease conditions requiring a qualified physician’s physical assessment.

Q. Can one cancel auto-refill at any time?

A. Yes. Auto-refill is a very comfortable option. But some individuals may like to discontinue at some time, and the process for it is pretty straightforward. One only pays as long as he desires to get a regular supply of ED medications at his doorstep.

Suggested Alternatives (Over-the-Counter ED Pills)

Prescription ED medications like Viagra or Cialis are excellent, as they help quickly and in most cases. However, many individuals are wary about their side effects despite their proven safety. Such individuals or those with a milder form of ED can use ED pills based on natural ingredients.

VigRX Plus

It is a well-tested natural enhancer of erection quality. It is one of the most popular treatments of ED. It contains herbal extracts of Damiana, Horny Goat Weed, Asian Red Ginseng, Muira Pauma Bark Extract, Saw Palmetto, and much more. It has added Bioperine to enhance the bioavailability of natural extracts. Since it contains natural extracts, it is safe for prolonged and regular use. Unlike Viagra, natural supplements take a longer time to enhance erectile function.

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It only contains natural components, but its ingredients differ from another well-known ED pill VigRX Plus. It is different in a way that it is rich in folate, zinc, pregnenolone, Yohimbine, Tribulus Terrestris, Korean Ginseng, GABA, Horny Goat Weed, Stinging Nettle, L-arginine, and other vital components.

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ProSolution Plus

It contains herbal extracts that are proven to increase testosterone levels and significantly enhance erectile function. This unique combination has Tribulus Terrestris, Withania Somnifera, Asparagus Adscendens, Mucuna Pruriens, Asteracantha Longifolia, Curculigo Orchioides, and Asphaltum.

Use discount code SAVE15 (click here) to save an extra 15%. Reviews

Works just as described – 5-star. November 14, 2020 ( Review submitted by Adkin’s)

There are hundreds of websites selling ED meds, but I have doubts about the products’ quality. I am 46 years old. One of my close friends recommended, and I decided to give it a try. My first impression is that professionals run it. They considered various factors before making any recommendation. I got my first Sildenafil supply after the prescription. Very satisfied with the service and the whole consultation process.

Too many questions, it might be worth it. 4-star. November 17, 2020 ( Review submitted by Carl2)

I chose 100 mg tablets of sildenafil. As expected, I am getting a hard erection for about an hour. It takes about an hour for it to kick in. I had to answer too many questions before getting my prescription. I am not sure; how much is it needed? Overall, satisfied with the results.

By far, the best thing. 5-star. November 18, 2020 ( Review submitted by Big D)

I stopped having sex for the last six months. It was due to my depression and failing health. I am 56 years old, so I was not sure if medications can help revive. This prescription has been a life-changer for me. I have stopped worrying, got my stamina and confidence back. It is just great!

For SSRI induced impotence. 4-star. December 7, 2020 ( Review submitted by Airstar)

I came to this website to get treatment for my ED caused by medications for my depression. These SSRI pills (anti-depressants) are awful for male health. I liked the whole process of prescription generation or consultation on this website. I received my medications on time. I must say that the first pill did not help much, but since I received eight pills, I decided to continue using them. I must say that from the second and third time, I started feeling the benefit. I am glad we can now buy generic Viagra and Cialis online in Canada!


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