Why Do People Choose Silicone Injected Penis?

Why Do People Choose Silicone Injected Penis?

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Non-surgical penile enlargement products are a popular option. Since they boost sexual confidence, self-esteem, and satisfaction, many men have opted for these enhancements (1). Some men choose a silicone injected penis over lotions, surgeries, or enlargement pills.

The question is: will this method prove effective, or is it just another dangerous approach? We decided to delve deeper into this relatively new procedure. We will analyze all the statistical reports patients can find useful before they decide to inject silicone in the penis.


Why Do Men Prefer Silicone Injected Penis Over Surgeries?

The stigma of small penises has had a massive impact on men all around the globe. It affected people’s self-esteem, confidence, and sex drive for centuries.

In an effort to boost influence, people tried numerous methods to enhance the male organ. But, back then, there was no one to regulate these enhancements, which resulted in deformities, abnormalities, and side effects (2).

Today, men have the chance to get penile silicone injections. These injectable fillers sound painful. But, with the help of a numbing injection and creams, the procedure becomes more bearable. Compared to surgeries, this option provides less pressure.

Typically, people use silicone to add volume to the face or lift the skin. You can achieve the same results on the penis. The thickness of the silicone provides a practical, lasting filler.

This is also a useful solution for specific problems. Certain patients may experience an issue where the fat around the penis hides the organ almost completely.

If they were to choose surgery, doctors would need to remove the fat and tighten the skin so the penis will become visible. This is the same effect as liposuction but on the penis. Such a procedure can be overwhelming and terrifying.

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Injectable fillers are easy on the eyes. They change the girth typically and enhance the penis with less pressuring methods. They can also be a cheaper alternative, depending on the number of syringes you pay for.

How Do Penis Silicone Fillers Work?

The way these fillers work is simple. When someone injects the liquid into the organ, the treatment starts to enhance the girth of the penis. Because the fillers are heavy, they also add additional weight and make the penis appear bigger.

But, to achieve the preferred results, you need to use the correct amount. If not, you risk getting the skin too stretchy. In the long haul, this can affect the organ’s functions and thickness.

Is Silicone Toxic for the Body?

Experts believe silicone is a chemically stable compound. Therefore, if people use it properly, it won’t be toxic for the body (3). That’s why doctors are using it in surgical and cosmetic procedures. Its primary purpose is to enhance body parts.

However, according to the FDA, it’s best to rely on hyaluronic acid and collagen as fillers instead of silicone. They consider liquid silicone a severe problem for blocking the blood vessels and causing side effects (4).

Are Penile Silicone Injections Safe?

Complications after treatment are possible. Two factors can affect the treatment, the quality of the silicone and the person administering it. To avoid any complications or serious disfigurations, patients should hire trained professionals.

There is no guarantee the procedure will work. If the silicone uses a low-grade liquid, it can also result in severe consequences and skin issues. It can shorten the penile shaft or change the skin. That’s why you need to pick a top-quality silicone (5).

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Can Insurance Cover Silicone Removal?

Each insurance company covers treatments that are a necessity. Even though you might consider it an important treatment, your insurance will not cover it (6).

But, if you experience any of these complications, the insurance might cover the costs:

  • Infections after treatment
  • Ruptured silicone fillers
  • Extreme capsular contracture

Check your local insurance company for more details.

Can the Silicone Cause Side Effects?

Yes, the side effects are very common. One particular study evaluated 680 patients who tried different penile injections (7). Many people experienced complications after administering penile silicone injections. Some of the more frequent complications were:

  • Pain (84%)
  • Inflammation (82.5%)
  • Secretion (21.8%)
  • Ulceration (12.8%)

Even though some medical experts consider silicone an efficient substitute for surgery, it’s not without its flaws. If you experience any pain, trouble sitting, or you feel dizzy – seek medical support right away.

Also, make sure to tell your health care provider before you get silicone injections. They can advise you on how to avoid or treat the side effects.

Can You Remove Silicone Injections From the Penis?

Removing liquid silicone from the penis is an arduous and complicated process. It can cause a series of health complications like deformations and scarring. That’s why not many people are willing to take the risk. At least not in the U.S. Unfortunately, there is no safe option for removing the silicone from anywhere on the skin (8).

Final Thoughts

Don’t let just anyone give you a silicone injected penis. Your health should be your top priority. If you consider getting the treatment, ask for a professional. Select a reputable facility that uses safe fillers. That way, you avoid any permanent disfigurations or severe health complications.

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Lastly, don’t forget to consult your doctor before you get the procedure. Since it’s permanent, you need to know all about it. Hopefully, this guide showed you the ropes. Now that you know what to expect, you will be better prepared.